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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Things you should read

Here are a few awesome articles I've read lately that I really think you'll enjoy if you're into the kind of thing I talk about.

Hugh Macleod on "Random Acts of Traction"

The Ad Contrarian wondering, "Why Can't Marketers Talk Straight?"

Paul Graham on the difference between the "Maker's Schedule and Manager's Schedule"

My mind's been pretty all over the place lately. I'm working my day job, helping some friends sell their art in my free time, and talking about all manner of nonsense in the time in between. But those articles have made me really pause and think, for quite a while each. They must be saying something pretty on the ball.

Hope you like.

Image from Pictures for Sad Children, my favorite webcomic. Check it out, too!


Admin said...

Hey Joel, thanks for the links! I really quite enjoyed them. However, now that I've "good procrastinated" so much, I have no time to leave an insightful comment. :)

Joel Kelly said...

:) Glad you liked them!