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Monday, August 17, 2009

Video Monday 8: Have Something to Buy

View it!


Dave said...

You should make "Not Joel Kelly's friend" t-shirts. I'd buy one.

Good post though, interesting timing with Chris Brogan telling us all to buy his book today.

Joel Kelly said...

Awesome idea :)

Clearly me and Brogan have been in cahoots this whole time :P

Ben said...

Quite the opposite, Dave. I'd want a shirt that says that I AM Joel Kelly's friend on Facebook. It's an honor!

Joel Kelly said...

Ben: VERY exclusive club. Could charge quite a price to target that niche, I'd bet!

Alex said...

I just caught myself humming the Video Monday song, not sure I'm comfortable with that....
Good post though, any opinions on payment facilitation, paypal etc?

WordsWorth said...

If I sing the Video Monday theme, do I have to pay you royalties?

Joel Kelly said...

Alex: Awesome :)

Given some thought to it, but not what I'm focusing my attention on specifically these days.

Paying for content is one thing (and not really what I'm crazy about), paying for souvenirs, shareable objects, etc, is more my thing right now :)

WordsWorth: Haha! Creative Commons licensed like everything else :) Distribute, share, copy, sing all you like.