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Monday, August 24, 2009

Video Monday 9: First Steps to Marketing

I walk through a few of the first steps to making a marketing plan.

Read more about Social Objects or "Social Markers."

More about a "Purpose-Idea."


Ben said...

Great points! In order to feel like I'm doing my PR degree justice, I'd just suggest taking potential ambassadors into consideration when you start identifying your key markets.

Yes - absolutely right: you want to target the people who will inevitably affect your bottom line and create a return on investment, but in a social media space I'd argue that there's also a huge amount of value in getting through to people who can be outlets for you as an artist or brand.

Much like what you mentioned in terms of offices hanging your artwork, think of the bloggers, tweeters, or prolific life sharers who are able to amplify your message through their channels to help you reach a hold new audience.

Love the direct value you're offering folks with this series.

Joel Kelly said...

Excellent points, Ben! Shouldn't forget about the people out there who can help spread the word.

Glad you're liking the videos!

Webconomist said...

Great points Joel. There are many small biz/artists that could find these points useful.

Joel Kelly said...

Webconomist: Thank you!

WordsWorth said...

As always, a cogent reminder that you are actually speaking to an audience, to define that audience and speak directly to it. Looking forward to more.

@brucefraser said...

Great points Joel!

Joel Kelly said...

WordsWorth: Glad you liked!

Bruce: Thanks!