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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A younger-skewing business publication?

This was going to be a topic for discussion at the last meet-up, but I didn't get around to bringing it up with anyone. So I'm bringing it up now.

Does Halifax need a business publication aimed toward all the 20-something career-minded people in the city? The current business publications on offer are stuffy and boring, and don't seem to provide any interesting or terribly valuable advice or editorial for the younger workers in Halifax.

I could be wrong, though.

So first, do you perceive the same need I do? And second, what form would this publication take? I mean, it's targeted at 20-somethings, so would it really need to be anything more than a website? Or should it be, as has been suggested, more like the "funny" single-pagers you find in food courts? Perhaps an insert in The Coast?

I think there needs to be a better sense of community and conversation between the young career folks in Halifax. Fusion is, well, it's something, but it's not enough.

Thoughts? (Telling me I'm wrong is a perfectly valid comment, too. And, if you follow my blog you'll notice that I'm reasonably comfortable with a decent dose of hate)


Ben said...

I really like this idea. The only concern I have is how would you determine content? If you filter to much to maintain a specific topic (young professionals in Halifax), it might get tough to keep the content coming in. Then again, it would be pretty easy to feature young professionals having an impact on Halifax so maybe I'll start thinking before commenting.

No, I probably won't.

Joel Kelly said...

That's an excellent point. But I'm not sure it would require all that much filtering, but maybe just a concerted effort to include at least more younger-skewing content than the other pubs.

Ben said...

Gotcha. I guess I'm trying to look at keeping it relevant without narrowing down the audience too much. Definitely a cool project though. I'd be happy to lend a hand where needed.

Ryan Deschamps said...

I think I mentioned this in the thread before, but I think you could get alot of interest from employers for this idea.

I agree with Ben also that the target can be for 20-somethings, but at the same time catch the interest of other readers as well. An "up-and-comer" feature, for instance, would be attractive to just about anyone.

I also think you should do both -- web-based and print. The minus on the web, is that I'm not convinced a whole lot of people would be interested in subscribing to a "career news" feed, so the print version could promote the web one.

As I think of it, there is a model in the library field from Rachel Singer Gordon. She kind of made a name for herself writing about NextGen employment and then providing resources to help them adjust to the labor market in the states.

Joel Kelly said...

Awesome, great tips guys.

Alias Grace said...

Some of us are not in our twenties anymore *ahem* but would be interested in a publication aimed at "young professionals".

Joel Kelly said...

Forgive my accidental ageism! Of course this would be for all young professionals :)

Anonymous said...

I think it's a good idea, and it is something that I think is missing today.

However, I am not sure print is the way to go.

Doesn't online have more benefits? Especially for your intended demographic?

Also, publications cost dollars, and a huge effort to get advertising to fund. Especially if it is free.

Anonymous said...

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