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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Want to meet about a young-pro business publication?

I'm thinking about setting up a meet-up to discuss the feasibility/potential of starting a business publication/website for young professionals in Halifax. Let me know if you're interested in having an informal meeting about it sometime soon. Likely at a pub.

What we need to figure out:
1) Demand/Potential
2) Content
3) Costs (I can figure out printing costs before the meeting)
4) Revenue
5) ??
6) Profit!!

Post in the comments if you're interested or, again, reasons why this might be a terrible idea. Also, if I've missed some crucial agenda point, please let me know.

(It should be noted that I used to work in print publishing, have close family working in printing, and currently work in advertising, so I'm not entirely ignorant to the difficulty of such an endeavor)


Rob said...

I think there could definitely be demand.
Atlantic Progress and another regional based magazine I can't recall right now seem so "stuffy".

Very little tech, new media focus, not a lot of new ideas [if I see one more article on the Atlantic Gateway I may scream].

Fusion Halifax's group has over a thousand members right there that would be part of your target market. Throw in business students, young entrepreneur's [contact CEED for support/partnership opportunities].

I would be interested in helping out regardless.

Robert Snell said...


Joel Kelly said...

Cool, thanks Robs!

Alias Grace said...

Definitely interested.

Joel Kelly said...

Cool! I'm going to source some various printing costs, try to enlist a few more people, and then set up the meet.

Alex said...

Hey Joel,
I may be able to add something useful input on this, deffinitly an interesting idea, although I echo your last comment about launching a new publication being no cake walk. Let me know when you're thinking.

EDWARD said...

I've done a dozen publishing startups in Nova Scotia, one of which was Business Voice for the Chamber.
A couple of startup rules:
1. Have a crystal clear description of what your publication is going to be and who it is intended for.
2. Have a gazillion dollars.
3. Have another gazillion dollars ready.
1. Where would the content come from and who is going to pay for it?
2. Who do you know that wants to (1) buy and (2) sell print advertising in a new publication?
Suggestion: Use the Business section of Infomonkey for a "publication." It's flexible and available and I'd be happy to help.

Joel Kelly said...

Thanks for the great comments Alex and Edward. Definitely things I'll be taking into careful consideration.

Ryan Deschamps said...

Add my name to the list.

Joel Kelly said...

Will do!