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Thursday, May 29, 2008

All engine-less cars are equally useless

No matter how pretty the design of your Flash-only, single-page website is, it's just as useless at a 1994-era static, ugly website.

If you don't allow direct, internal linking, or image-copying, or text-quoting, your site is useless. If you build a website, assume someone is going to want to share it with their friends, and likely only a single part. If you don't think someone will want to do that, then why are you making it in the first place? Make it as simple as possible for someone to spread what you have to say and offer around. If you don't, if you force people to start at your splash page and proceed from there, you deserve no one's time or indulgence.

That website is no better than an ancient relic of the internet, a page with frames and manually-updated HTML. A useless site is a useless site, no matter how pretty.

A Ferrari without an engine is just as useless as a Chevette without an engine.

The only difference is that you could probably sell your useless Ferrari for more money.

A bad static website is just as useless as a dynamic, pretty, single-page Flash site. But you can probably charge your client more money for the latter.

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