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Friday, May 23, 2008

Ask, Don't Tell

Everybody hates meetings. Well, most people do.

If you love meetings you're likely organizing lots of them, so you should probably keep in mind that most people hate meetings.

And the people who like meetings are typically the ones doing all the talking, the ones doing all the telling. The people who hate meetings are typically silent, thinking about other things, likely thinking about all the work that's piling up while they're away from it.

If you're stuck in a meeting, the best way to get something out of it, or at least try to keep it relevant, is to ask good, tough questions.

How many times have you sat in a meeting and wondered why the conversation has taken this turn? How often do you think no one's actually addressing relevant issues? When this happens, ask the question!

If you're in a meeting about how to promote a product before the product has even been developed, before there's even been a creative brief, ask why. Ask how you can be planning an advertising campaign before you've even differentiated the product from the competition. This sort of thing happens, and if nobody asks the question everyone will be wondering long after why nobody asked it way back then.

Ask the question. Best case you'll get a good answer and everyone will be enlightened. Worst case you might not get dragged into so many meetings anymore...

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