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Monday, May 19, 2008

Out of the Loop

It's remarkable, the anxiety caused by being out of the loop, which itself was caused by anxiety.

The past few weeks have been so stressful and depressing that I haven't had the energy to even watch tech news, let alone keep up with all the blogs I need to be reading. And I do mean need. My job sort of requires that I keep up-to-date with SEO/M news, and my position in the company is defined by my ability to keep on top of these things, to be the guy who knows what's going on online.

And right now I have no idea. It's paralyzing, I'd say, to stare at all these RSS feeds without any idea where to start. Knowing that there isn't enough time for me to get caught up, knowing that I'll just have to start fresh, and hope that nothing really important happened last week.

If anyone knows any big news that someone involved in internet marketing and social media should be aware of, I'd really appreciate you dropping some links.

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