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Monday, July 27, 2009

Video Monday 5: Baking in Context



Anonymous said...

one comment: I think you watch, or stick with a show/blog/etc. because you've invested time and effort as a result of something about the "story" that appealed to you. You watch/read/check out every episode because you know, even if sometimes there is one that is "not good", the next one can or may be.
This term, "baking in" - it's tiresome. Some marketing ad phrase from you agency people I take it ;)?

Joel Kelly said...

That was more or less my point :) Perhaps I could have been more clear.

As far as "ad phrases" from "agency people" that "tire you"... Well, read at your own peril. This is how I read/speak. The term makes sense to me and I'm going to keep using it.

Steven Leonard Taylor said...

No matter what the subject I believe you can build in context by having a solid character behind the words. In storytelling you need to ensure that each character is unique and is three dimensional.

In real life (eg. writing a marketing blog) the best way to do this is be yourself, use your own language, speak freely and not being afraid of having an unpopular opinion. Doing this can separate your voice from the noise.

Your repeat viewers will enjoy this consistency and will encourage them to come back.

Joel Kelly said...

Great points, Steve! And thanks for reading/watching!

And just another point on what Anon said, I was had referenced a show I own on DVD, and one that's cancelled (for now). But I, and other fans, watch episodes over again that aren't very good. The promise that the next one might be isn't as relevant, as we're choosing to watch a sub-par one now. Why? Because I want a little bit more story, a little bit more time with the characters. Just a bit more... context.

Ian Conrad said...

the getting to "spend more time" with characters we like bit made a lot of sense to me, good way of wording it. Even the less great parts of the story are still parts of the story.

Joel Kelly said...

Thanks Ian!

kathy said...

Hey Joel,

I think Video Monday is a rocking idea. Plus I love the jingle. :)

I agree with your reference to the characters in the "story" of blogging. It's a way for people to get to know the person behind the blog. Sure the words on the virtual page can be funny, witty, entertaining. But the really entertaining blogs allow us to get to know the person behind the words, or in your case the camera. ;)

And I like your reference to baking.. having a solid character and getting to know them is a big part of the huge mixture that makes up successful blogs.

Personally, I am struggling with my own blog and it's story (and some days the character!) but I'll get there!

kathy said...

I just made a journalistic blunder there... I meant to type 'its' story, not it's. Ew! haha

Joel Kelly said...

Thank you Kathy!

Blogs are definitely more interesting when there's something deeper to them, and I'm currently wondering myself about how you take an existing blog and begin to build more context into it. It's an interesting challenge for sure!