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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halifax Podcamp 2009 -- January 25th

@Greebie over at The Other Librarian has a great post announcing Halifax Podcamp 2009.

The what:

A podcamp, specifically is an unconference about blogs, wikis, podcasts, vidcasts and other social or “new” media. The idea was first introduced by Chris Brogan. The unique thing about a podcamp is that all the information is podcasted and released under a creative commons license afterwards.
The why:
  • why not a podcamp in Halifax, Nova Scotia?
  • we never had a podcamp in Halifax before.
  • based on what I see and hear out in the world, I think there is an opportunity for a New Media Rennaissance in Halifax. A podcamp could spark that IMHO.
  • it’s an opportunity to meet other people who are interested/curious/enthusiastic about New Media. How could you not be interested?
  • Oh yeah. There will be refreshments too.
Head over to The Other Librarian to read the rest of the post about Halifax Podcamp 2009.

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