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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lessons My Facebook Taught Me

It's only been a few years since people en masse started using Facebook, and probably only about a year since everybody started using it.

For now, you can get away with your company website being Flash-only, being an entirely creator-defined experience. For now you can have splash pages and a navigation that doesn't allow for tabbing, and un-copyable images.

For now.

Eventually people who've had their internet experience defined by Facebook are going to expect this experience to come with them across the web. They'll expect interaction and control over their experience on your website, too.

People will expect websites to deliver what they want, what they're looking for, when they want it. They won't watch your intro, they won't send your link to their friends if they can only link to the first page. Don't expect them to.

Are you ready for that? Have you come to terms with that yet? Or are you still designing or commissioning websites with splash pages (speed bumps and warning signs that tell your users to turn back now), and single-page Flash-only sites that don't allow for direct linking to content?

How long do you think that can last?

Not long enough to justify still doing it.


Matt Davey said...

Amazing Post I totally agree. Really liking your blog absolutely an rss to keep.

Joel Kelly said...

Thanks Matt!

Anonymous said...

As my friend says above, It's a great post, hitting the nail on the head, couldn't agree more.