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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Superbowl half-time shows suck

The music acts are so uncontroversial now that nobody cares enough to be able to hate them, which means nobody loves them.

You only watch it because it's on.

I was reading Stuart's blog yesterday about the personal/professional separation and he said that you have to put yourself into your work. You have to have enough personality that people can actually like you, which means that some people are going to hate you.

Most of us get that in our day-to-day lives, but how many businesses will see it the same way? If you want people to love your company you have to accept that some people are going to hate it. If nobody hates you then you're probably boring. And you're giving people nothing worth loving.


Stuart Foster said...

Definitely agree. The inept, stuttering boring Super Bowl shows of the last 5 years have been terrible. At least I was interested in the Janet Jackson debacle (and they haven't had Timberlake on

So what if 3 people write letters...the rest of us will reward you for having a bad ass product.

Joel Kelly said...

Yeah man.

Reactionary marketing: One person complains (or some mommy bloggers get pissy) and you reverse direction. Stupid.

new_punishment said...

I hate you!

kathryn said...

Hate might be a strong word here but attention/ conversation about your business is always good I think, whether positive or negative.

BTW I like the half time show because it means it's almost over :P

Joel Kelly said...

I rest my case :P

Joel Kelly said...

Hate's only a strong word if love is, too, I'd suggest.

kathryn said...

true true and way too big of an investment either way for a product/service/business and/or half time show ;)

mcnutt said...

If by "reverse direction" you mean going from "absolute suck" to "mostly boring with occasional brilliance," then I wholeheartedly salute the change of direction.

Are you seriously saying that you would dismiss Prince and Bruce Springsteen for some of these gems:

"Up With People" indeed.

Joel Kelly said...

Fair enough. They've gone from suck to boring. I'll give you that for sure.