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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Hiring Announcement

I don't normally talk about my day job here specifically, but I thought this would be cool to show you.

Colour, my new employer (yes, the website is a single page of Flash... I know.) has announced my hiring and @pirie's appointment to Vice President, Social Media using a social media news release. Traditional press releases are difficult to parse if you're just looking for some quick facts or quotes or pictures, are annoying to post to social networks (as they're so often just PDFs), and are typically lenghty reads when you're just trying to find out what the main point is.

So Colour is now doing all their news releases as social media releases. Check out the latest, "Social Media Growth at Colour Leads to Promotion and New Hire."


Glenmore said...

Congrats on the announcement. Something to consider for next time: I announced mine by throwing branded live turkeys from a helocopter above a football game. I find that gets alot more traditional press and word of mouth than your 'social media'...

Joel Kelly said...

Aww man... that's a way better plan! But if they didn't even go for the skywriting plan I'd suggested I doubt they'll go for that one.