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My name's Joel Kelly and I live in Halifax, NS.

I'm a 20something guy doing digital and social media strategy for a Halifax-based marketing agency.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where have YOU been?

Because I've totally been here, posting all the time, being insightful and whatnot but you've just missed it.


Yeah, okay, maybe not so much. I am not going to make any excuses (because, as a rule, I REGRET NOTHING), but I am going to let ya'll know what's going on.

Basically, new, crazy busy and exciting and awesome job. Which is kind of consuming all of my time/mind. Which isn't bad, per se, but it makes the blogging a little more challenging than it had been.

But, here's the deal: This blog, well, I'm kind of tired of the way it was going. Kind of really tired.

New direction: More fun. For me at least. Ya'll might hate it.

Basically, more links to things I think are cool/interesting, more random posts about whatever, etc, etc.

More things that I just want to talk about.

So that's the deal. New posts to come real soon, real often.

Seeya'll on the other side.


Aliasgrace said...

Judging by the response I'm getting on your East Coast Guest Post (, I think people will totally dig the new direction. More Joel Kelly, all the time.

Joel Kelly said...

Thanks for letting me guest post there! I had a great time :)