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My name's Joel Kelly and I live in Halifax, NS.

I'm a 20something guy doing digital and social media strategy for a Halifax-based marketing agency.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

What I'm up to

Because I'm just *so* interesting and you need to know what I'm doing these days.

Check out Chris's post over at YouMakeMedia (the new media blog I used to edit) for some details. Basically I'm working on pre-production (I wrote the screenplay) for a short film. So fixing the script and helping out with other pre-production thing will be where I'll be focused for the next little bit. Exciting!

Oh, I'll also be in Moncton, NB tomorrow night at their Third Tuesday meet up. So that should be rad.


Ben said...

MAN. You're so self-absorbed with your little clique! I mean, you guys aren't even nice to - oh wait - you are?

Uhh nevermind.

Carry on.

Joel Kelly said...

Hali-clique is where it's at, and we ain't nice to nobody!