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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Me on CommandN

@pirie, @dazomaz, @brightwhite, and myself drove to Moncton to check out their @thirdtuesdaynb meet ups.

The guests were Amber and Jeff MacArthur, and Christoper Dick. They filmed episode #149 of CommandN while they were there, and during the meet up they filmed people's "web picks" of their favorite sites on the Internet.

Mine's at 7:20, and I'm pimping @gordonshumway's blog The Typing Makes me Sound Busy.


Mitchell McKenna said...

sweet, didn't know they filled a episode of CommandN while over there, going to watch now!

Joel Kelly said...

Haha, more importantly, I'm in it!!

Stellathomas said...

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Joel Kelly said...

Cool, thank you!