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Friday, August 1, 2008

Blog swap time!!

This is a blog swap guest post. Because some people who signed up for the swap didn't write a post, some people had to be re-paired up. That's why Confused from Oopsy... Was that me says she's swapping with a Maegan. As you may or may not know, my name is not Maegan.

Hi! I'm Confused from Oopsy… Was that me and I'll be attempting to entertain you today, trying my very best not scare away Maegan's freaders. I'm sorry, she'll be back again soon, promise! In fact, she's over at my blog right now delighting my freaders, so go check her out!

Blog swaps freak me out. I adore them, they're sooo much fun (that's why I put my name down again), but having to come up with something sensible to write on someone else's blog is utterly nerve-wracking! I know, I'm not the first to mention this, almost everyone (absolutely everyone?) feels this way. That doesn't make me feel much better right now...

When I got the email telling me the blog swap was up I'd long forgotten having put myself down for it. My reaction was 'Crap, not now!' - Am I allowed to say crap on someone else's blog? Maegan says shit, shit/crap, same difference. I'm ok. I'll carry on now. - I waited a few days for inspiration to strike, but eventually I had to admit defeat. No stellar idea was headed my way. So I made a list. Anything that could possibly be turned into a blog post...

  • Geeky joys: Prime factorisation What kind of a geek goes round calculating prime factors of random numbers and takes such delight in it that it can brighten up even a really crappy day? Umm, that would be me... Suitable as guest post? No. Can't remember why not. Ah well.
  • Clouds I was desperate for ideas and the clouds looked vaguely interesting... Suitable as guest post? No! Wtf?!
  • Trying to think of guest post subject Sound familliar? Suitable as guest post? Yes. -ish.
  • Trying to blog anonymously but being to scatterbrained to stick to itEver since I caught my mum reading my old blog I've been trying to stay anonymous. But I keep doing stupid things like posting the link to my current blog on Facebook. Or posting my proper name, email address (which has my surname in it) and blog URL on a public page... Suitable as guest post? Yes. -ish.
  • My favourite songs Seems pretty much self-explanatory to me. Suitable as guest post? Yes. But probably very embarrassing.

That's the extent of my inspiration. Oh dear... Maybe I can tell you a joke or something. Except I usually confused and tell you the punchline first. Or at the latest halfway through...

So I guess I'll just say goodbye, thanks very much for having me and don't forget to go check out Maegan's guest post on my blog!

Confused :-)


Ben said...

I like your alter ego. The name is very pretty. It suits you :)

Confused said...

Oh no! That post doesn't suit your blog at all!!! If I'd known I'd have written a completely different post!!!
Ah well. I like your post on my blog :-)

Joel Kelly said...


Bah! I really like your post, it's exactly what my way too stuffy blog needed! And I'm glad you like mine, too :)

confused said...

Very kind of you to say that. Oh dear, I think I need to stop thinking about it.

At least I didn't have a last minute mad scramble to try and come up with something sensible. I'd have had a nervous breakdown. Ignorance isbliss ;-)

confused said...

PS: your blog's not stuffy. It's just serious, there's a big difference! :-)

Joel Kelly said...

Thanks Confused!

jenn said...

Sorry for missing the blogswap! I blame the storms for stealing my internet...
BUT, if I'd posted, you'd never have gotten such a lovely nickname. So really you should be thanking me :)

Joel Kelly said...

Ha! Too true, Jenn. Thanks!