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Saturday, June 28, 2008

HOW-TO Grow Your Blog's Audience - Guest Post

This post is by Amy in Arizona, also known as Rocketwife. We've swapped posts this weekend, taking part in the 20somethingbloggers' Big Blog Swap. Thanks to Ben Boudreau for organizing it all! And thanks Amy for the fabulous post.

My post on Amy's blog can be found here.

I'm pretty new at this blog thing. I had a Blogspot account for a long time but it was more of a place to post pictures of my dogs and talk about "feelings" than anything else. I think the most readers I ever had in one day were three. (Hi mom! And dad! And mom again?)

I made the decision to buy my own URL and start blogging a little over a month ago. I figure out how to use Wordpress, learned what a file manager was and even set up my own email account. I was all set! Except, well, nobody was reading the website.

I would wake up each morning and say to myself, "TODAY is the day that hundreds of people read my blog! And they will love it and think that I'm SO funny!" But, each morning I would check the stats on my blog and realize that I wasn't getting any more hits than when I had my "puppy" blog.

At that point, I sat down and began to realize that readers just don't show up, you have bring them to you. It's sort of like making friends. You can't sit at home and hope that someone knocks on your door and wants to go to brunch with you. It just won't happen. You have to be proactive.

And that's exactly what I did. I started first with some very cheesy "blog" companies that promised thousands of hits per day. All I got was spam, and very vulgar spam at that! I DO NOT recommend this.

What has worked best for me is, like I said before, being proactive. I make the effort to engage in other blogs and in return, they engage in me. I post comments but not just any comments. What you say needs to be something that adds to the conversation. I don't think something like "YOU ROCK!" on a random blog would produce any more traffic than saying nothing at all.

In conclusion, I think the best things that have worked for my blog marketing have been:
1. Join websites that relate to you. If you're a 20-something without kids, don't join a Mommies-R-Us blog service.
2. Be PROACTIVE. You have to leave comments to receive comments.
3. Relax and be yourself! When it comes down to it, WHO CARES if anyone reads your blog! If you enjoy posting, then that's really all that matters!


Ben said...

"TODAY is the day that hundreds of people read my blog! And they will love it and think that I'm SO funny!"

Ahahahaha too true. I think that thought crosses every blogger's mind at some point. Great post and thanks for swapping!

Paula said...

Yep, I've got to agree that thought has crossed my mind on several occasions!!! Usually when I think I've wrote THE BLOG TO END ALL BLOGS - and then fewer people read it than usual. Gutting . . . Thanks for the tips!

**Melissa** said...

IT IS SO TRUE! Amy just found me on the 20-something-bloggers group and left me a comment. And so I checked her blog and this girl is pretty funny.
And she has the best pictures.
AND she lives closer to me than all the NY blogger I read!

I'm looking forward to making some more new e-friends.

Good luck to y'all!

PS. Ben, that is a very impressive 'About me' section... plus that great picture does the trick!

Anyuka said...

Thanks for the tips. There's no better time to get start than now. So... This is my first commnent. Yikes! It looks like I am about a year late.

I am new to blogging but really love being thoughtful about my posts. I grow from the effort and as you say isn't that the point? Thanks.