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My name's Joel Kelly and I live in Halifax, NS.

I'm a 20something guy doing digital and social media strategy for a Halifax-based marketing agency.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My "Unfriend Someone Today" PodCamp Presentation

Sunday was Halifax's first PodCamp, and yours truly held a discussion on how and why you should unfriend people.

You can watch the full thing here in five parts: (thanks to @paulwesson for recording and uploading!)

And @philswinney gives a great review of it on his blog, along with a summarizing video:


Anonymous said...

My Review of your presentation:

- Disappointed that you didn't wear your business sweater
- Glad to see you were dehydrated... meaning you kept the tradition of preparing for a presentation by getting smashed the night before
- Impressed with the size of the audience and you didn't seem nervous.
- I haven't watched the whole thing yet, but glad to see there were no Rampage rips
- I realized while watching this that I never added you as a friend to my facebook. I look forward to your request and politely denying it.

Nice job Joel... I miss your sarcastic bastardness... BTW, your goodbye email was awesome... and WTF is with all the star wars shit around the office?


P.S. Might as well take advantage of your blog and link to my site... HA HAHA... sucker!!

Best website designs ever!

Joel Kelly said...

I miss your bastardness too, Byron.

Good catch on the prep style :)